[Bugs] [Bug 1663519] Memory leak when smb.conf has "store dos attributes = yes"

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Fri Jun 14 08:31:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from ryan at magenta.tv ---
We're seeing this issue on nearly all of our clusters in production.
One common factor is the type of application which is using the share.
These applications are Media Asset Management tools which either walk the
filesystem or listen for file system notifications, and then process the file.

We are seeing the issue on systems that have 'store dos attributes = no' set,
although the memory usage pattern is very different. With 'store dos attributes
= yes', the issue will cause a system with 64GB of memory to OOM within 24hrs.
With 'store dos attributes = no' the same system will not OOM for months. The
memory usage is slow and gradual, but we still have multiple SMBD threads with
over 6GB of RSS memory usage.

The sernet/samba team has assisted us in tracing this back through the stack
and have confirmed the issue seems to be within the gluster VFS module.

Please let me know if I can get any more data, logs etc to progress this issue.

Many thanks,

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