[Bugs] [Bug 1743988] Setting cluster.heal-timeout requires volume restart

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--- Comment #3 from Glen K <glenk1973 at hotmail.com> ---
In my steps above, I set the heal-timeout while the self-heal daemon is

4. Stop the self-heal daemon.
15. Set `cluster.heal-timeout` to `60`.
16. Start the self-heal daemon.

I would expect that the configuration would certainly take effect after a
restart of the self-heal daemon.

Yes, launching heal manually causes the heal to happen right away, but the
purpose of the test is to verify the heal happens automatically. From a user
perspective, the current behaviour of the heal-timeout setting appears to be at
odds with the "configuration changes take effect without restart" feature; I
think it is reasonable to request that changing the heal-timeout setting
results in the thread sleeps being reset to the new setting.

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