[Bugs] [Bug 1701039] gluster replica 3 arbiter Unfortunately data not distributed equally

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Tue Apr 23 06:23:06 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Eng Khalid Jamal <engkhalid21986 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Susant Kumar Palai from comment #3)
> Will need the following initial pieces of information to analyze the issue.
> 1- gluster volume info 
> 2- run the following command on the root of all the bricks on all servers.
>    "getfattr -m . -de hex <full_brick_path>"
> 3- disk usage of each brick
> Susant

Thank you susant 

i find solution for my issue, my issue is because i forget when i create my
volume i did not enable sharding feature for that the data not distributed to
all brick equally , now i solve my issue like below :

1- move my all vm disk to another storage domain.
2- put my disk in maintenance mode.
3- stopped my storage doamin .
4-in here i have two steps one of th is remove all storage and creating it
again or i can just enable the sharding options in here i do the second choice
because of my storage dos not have huge data .
5-starting my storage domain . .
6- now the data distributing to all brick correctly .

thanks again

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