[Bugs] [Bug 1695099] The number of glusterfs processes keeps increasing, using all available resources

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Wed Apr 3 08:39:23 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Christian Ihle <christian.ihle at drift.oslo.kommune.no> ---
I have been experimenting with setting "max_inflight_operations" to 1 in
Heketi, as mentioned in https://github.com/heketi/heketi/issues/1439
Example of how to configure this:

I am not able to reproduce the issue anymore when the value is set to 1.
The number of glusterfs-processes varies between 0 and 2 during volume changes,
but always settles on 1 single process afterwards.

This seems to be an easy workaround, but hopefully the bug will be fixed so I
can revert back to concurrent Heketi again.

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