[Bugs] [Bug 1637196] Disperse volume 'df' usage is extremely incorrect after replace-brick.

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Tue Oct 30 11:26:33 UTC 2018


--- Comment #8 from Sanju <srakonde at redhat.com> ---
Updated reproducer:
1. create any type of volume which supports replace-brick operation, having at
least two bricks(B1, B2,..)
2. start the volume
3. mount the volume and check the volume size using df
4. perform a replace-brick operation on B1
5. check the size at mount point using df, it should be same as in step 3
6. perform replace-brick operation on B2.
7. check the size at mount point using df, it will be reduced by half

While performing the replace brick operation we are not setting the fsid for
the new brick. So the new brick will have fsid as 0. when we perform 2nd
replace-brick operation, again the 2nd new brick will have fsid as 0. So, there
will be two bricks which have fsid as 0.

While calculating shared-brick-count, we consider the value of fsid of the
bricks. If bricks are having same fsid, that means they are sharing the same
file system. shared-brick-count refers to number of bricks that are sharing the
same file system. In this case, shared-brick-count becomes 2 (as both new
bricks are having fsid as 0). So, after 2nd replace brick operation the volume
size at the mount point will be reduced by half.


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