[Bugs] [Bug 1626313] fix glfs_fini related problems

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Wed Oct 10 17:08:27 UTC 2018


--- Comment #16 from Worker Ant <bugzilla-bot at gluster.org> ---
COMMIT: https://review.gluster.org/21219 committed in master by "Poornima G"
<pgurusid at redhat.com> with a commit message- gfapi: fix crash of using
uninitialized fs->ctx

0  0x00007fb3db3a2ee4 in pub_glfs_fini (fs=0x7f8977d63f00) at glfs.c:1236
1  0x00007fb3db3a2065 in pub_glfs_new (volname=0x7f80de4d4d40 "openfs1")
    at glfs.c:784
2  0x00007fb3db5cf089 in glusterfs_get_fs (params=...,
    up_ops=up_ops at entry=0x7fb3ca643130)
    at /usr/src/debug/nfs-ganesha/src/FSAL/FSAL_GLUSTER/export.c:889
3  0x00007fb3db5cf99a in glusterfs_create_export (
    fsal_hdl=0x7fb3db7e2490 <GlusterFS+112>, parse_node=0x7fb3ca6387d0,
    err_type=<optimized out>, up_ops=0x7fb3ca643130)
    at /usr/src/debug/nfs-ganesha/src/FSAL/FSAL_GLUSTER/export.c:1011
4  0x00007fb3e11c485f in mdcache_fsal_create_export (
    sub_fsal=0x7fb3db7e2490 <GlusterFS+112>,
    parse_node=parse_node at entry=0x7fb3ca6387d0,
    err_type=err_type at entry=0x7fb3c0bef140, super_up_ops=<optimized out>)

(gdb) p errno
$1 = 12

Change-Id: I3dd5b84b52962ceb0b5d4f9b4f475bf4aa724292
updates: bz#1626313
Signed-off-by: Kinglong Mee <mijinlong at open-fs.com>

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