[Bugs] [Bug 1193929] GlusterFS can be improved

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Wed Oct 10 05:48:18 UTC 2018


--- Comment #401 from Worker Ant <bugzilla-bot at gluster.org> ---
COMMIT: https://review.gluster.org/21361 committed in master by "Amar Tumballi"
<amarts at redhat.com> with a commit message- libglusterfs/src/logging.c: reduce
the use of strings

I did not see a good reason to copy the temp strings str1 and str2
into msg string, and just used str1 (sprintf'ed str2 into it first).
Hope it makes logging somewhat faster, but I also hope there's more
room for improvement for faster logging.

Renamed str1 to logline and str2 to msg for better readability.

Also, remove dead assignment in _gf_msg() (clang complained).

Compile-tested only!

updates: bz#1193929
Signed-off-by: Yaniv Kaul <ykaul at redhat.com>

Change-Id: I19457d705c0b043937d96a4db35d087bb8e9b35a

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