[Bugs] [Bug 1635979] Writes taking very long time leading to system hogging

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Thu Oct 4 07:25:12 UTC 2018


--- Comment #1 from Pranith Kumar K <pkarampu at redhat.com> ---
I/O load generating script:
#open( $h, '>>', "$ARGV[0]" ) or die $!;
open( $h, '>', "$ARGV[0]" ) or die $!;

#open( $h, '>>', "$ARGV[0]" ) or die $!;  #opening file for write in append
mode, filename is fed at cli argument

seek( $h, $offset, 1 );

#print $h "offset:$offset \n ";
print $h "offset:$offset ";
#$offset=$offset + 20;
$offset=$offset + 1;


1.create a 1x3 volume mount it on fuse client
2.run the perl script above on an input file where IOs must happen(infinite
loop where writes)
eg: script.pl <some_filename>
3. now reboot brick

Machine becomes slow and operations will be very very slow.

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