Announcing Gluster release 4.1.3 (Long Term Maintenance)

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at
Wed Aug 29 12:39:12 UTC 2018

The Gluster community is pleased to announce the release of Gluster
4.1.3 (packages available at [1]).

Release notes for the release can be found at [2].

Major changes, features and limitations addressed in this release:

- Bug #1601356 titled "Problem with SSL/TLS encryption", is not yet
fixed with this release. Patch to fix the same is in progress and can be
tracked here [3]

- Release 4.1.0 notes incorrectly reported that all python code in
Gluster packages are python3 compliant, this is not the case and the
release note is amended accordingly.

Gluster community

[1] Packages:

[2] Release notes:

[3] SSL/TLS bug and patch:

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