[gluster-packaging] volunteers for packaging 3.6.

Hari Gowtham hgowtham at redhat.com
Wed Sep 23 14:21:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The packages for ubuntu (trusty, precise and vivid) have been built.

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In theory 3.6.6 should be released soon — today or tomorrow?

Many hands make light work.

Once Raghu does the release, several things need to happen.

1. Create .../3.6/3.6.6 directory on download.gluster.org, copy
glusterfs-3.6.6.tar.gz there, create a SHA256SUM file, and create
various subdirs — e.g. Fedora, EPEL.repo, Debian, Ubuntu. Create CentOS
and RHEL symlinks to EPEL.repo.

2. Initiate scratch builds in koji of 3.6.6 for Fedora and EPEL for F21,
F23, F24, el5, el6, epel7.

3. Do a real build for F22 including update

4. Copy scratch builds to .../3.6/3.6.6/Fedora/... (See Humble for the

5. Build .debs and deploy — see the recipe emails that I've sent to
-packaging list. Let's break this into several tasks:
5.1 Debian 7 Wheezy
5.2 Debian 8 Jessie
5.3 Debian 9 Stretch
5.4 Ubuntu 12.10 LTS Precise
5.5 Ubuntu 14.10 LTS Trusty
5.6 Ubuntu 15.4 Vivid

Debian .debs copied to .../3.6/3.6.6/Debian. Ubuntu to Launchpad.

Someone like Niels or I will do the real build for F22. If everyone will
pick one task from the above list and put their name next it to at


that would be great.

If you're unsure about how to do something, sign up anyway, and we can
go through it together on IRC.





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