[Gluster-Maintainers] [gluster-packaging] glusterfs-3.12.14 released

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Thu Sep 13 14:28:16 UTC 2018

On 09/13/2018 10:10 AM, Niels de Vos wrote:
> Anyone that can provide me with an ansible playbook, or even scripts
> that need to run on server and client systems is strongly encouraged to
> share them. We can then include them in the CentOS CI where client and
> server systems can get reserved with different CentOS releases.
> At the moment I do not have any automation to easily run tests locally.
> I will rather invest time in setting up jobs in a real CI.

This [1] is what I do, and have been posting the link (almost) every
time I test this. This does use docker and containers, because that
gives me a clean environment quickly, but steps would remain the same.

Does this help?

[1] Package testing: https://hackmd.io/-yC3Ol68SwaRWr8bzaL8pw#

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