[Gluster-Maintainers] Clang-Formatter for GlusterFS.

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Wed Aug 22 07:05:26 UTC 2018

Hi All,

Below is an update about the project’s move towards using clang-formatter
for imposing few coding-standards.

Gluster project, since inception followed certain basic coding standard,
which was (at that time) easy to follow, and easy to review.

Over the time, with inclusion of many more developers and working with
other communities, as the coding standards are different across projects,
we got different type of code into source. After 11+years, now is the time
we should be depending on tool for it more than ever, and hence we have
decided to depend on clang-formatter for this.

Below are some highlights of this activity. We expect each of you to
actively help us in this move, so it is smooth for all of us.

   - We kickstarted this activity sometime around April 2018
   - There was a repo created for trying out the options, and validating
   the code. Link to Repo <https://github.com/nigelbabu/clang-format-sample>
   - Now, with the latest .clang-format file, we have made the whole
   GlusterFS codebase changes. The change here
   - We will be running regression with the changes, multiple times, so we
   don’t want to miss something getting in without our notice.
   - As it is a very big change (Almost 6 lakh lines changed), we will not
   put this commit through gerrit, but directly pushing to the repo.
   - Once this patch gets in (ETA: 28th August), all the pending patches
   needs to go through rebase.

What are the next steps:

   - The patch <https://review.gluster.org/#/c/glusterfs/+/20892> of adding
   .clang-format file will get in first
   - Nigel/Infra team will be keeping the repo
   <https://github.com/nigelbabu/glusterfs> with all files changed open for
   review till EOD 27th August, 2018
   - Upon passing regression, we will push this one change to main branch.
   - After that, we will have a smoke job to validate the coding standard
   as per the .clang-format file, which will vote -1 if it is not meeting
   the standard.
   - There will be guidelines about how to setup your own .clang-format
   setup, so while sending the patch, it gets posted in proper format
      - This will be provided for both ./rfc.sh and git review users.
   - Having clang-formatter installed would be still optional, but there
   would be high chance the smoke would fail if not formatted right.

Any future changes to coding standard, due to improvements in clang-format
tool itself, or due to developers believing some other option is better
suited, can be getting in through gerrit.

Also note that, we will not be applying the changes to contrib/ directory,
as that is expected to be same as corresponding upstream coding standard of
particular project. We believe that helps to make sure we can quickly check
the diff with corresponding changes really easily.

Happy to hear any feedback!

Amar (on behalf of many Gluster Maintainers)
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