[Gluster-Maintainers] Request for holding the merges on posix xlator

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Sat Dec 2 12:15:35 UTC 2017

Hi maintainers,

This may look like a weird request, but at the moment I propose allowing a
week (or lesser) for an effort to re-organize posix translator, which is
being done here:  https://review.gluster.org/#/c/18880/

All major patches changing anything on posix are now merged. 2 more patches
which may come up are put fop (https://review.gluster.org/18804) and a
patch on migration check (https://review.gluster.org/17776).

I am planning to give the team working on re-org a week time to fix this
and pass regressions, if they don't finish, lets continue merging, but hope
to finish it off in a week.

My request to those who press 'Submit' button, please have a look in files
changed, and if it involves posix, please hold off merging (mentioning the
above effort).

All other layers gets reviews and merges as normal.

Please raise concerns, if any, now.

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