[Gluster-Maintainers] Release 3.13 and 3.10.8

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Sat Dec 2 00:26:13 UTC 2017

Heads up!

Both releases are tagged, and off to packaging (3.10.8 packages are also 
available for testing prior to announcement of the release).

Further release announcements will be made to the users and other lists 
as we close on package testing and also publishing the release notes.

I had to fill in some gaps in the release notes for 3.13 to the best of 
my ability (see [1]). Documentation (design, use, release-notes) are not 
being kept up as contributor promises, and we are contemplating some 
smoke jobs for gerrit code submissions to check these for features in 
the future, stay tuned!


[1] 3.13.0 release-notes: 

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