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Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Thu Aug 24 11:39:46 UTC 2017

Tried setting it by myself!! It was some work. It took some time to
understand I need mostly all those parameters to be given.

It was easy to change some parameters in URL directly in AFR example you
provided and copy paste into Settings.

Other than that, the wiki page did help a lot to understand what each
argument to gerrit does. It should help me to get the script
working better. Thanks for that.

I named the dashboard 'Focus', to remind me the patches which I should
focus while reviewing. I strongly advise everyone to set it up.


On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 12:45 PM, Nigel Babu <nigelb at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello folks,
> As a maintainer, you may not have time to look at all the review requests
> to determine which ones touch your component. There are certain Gerrit
> features that will help solve this problem.
> It is useful to watch projects so you can receive notifications. You can
> configure your settings so you get an email if change has modified files in
> certain folders or even down to a particular file.
> You can also setup custom dashboards that are linked from Gerrit when you
> login. This is useful if you need to visit a particular link on Gerrit
> frequently.
> I've distilled the instructions down to this wiki page:
> https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/wiki/Gerrit-for-Maintainers
> Please let me know if you have questions with subscribing to changes to
> creating custom dashboards.
> --
> nigelb
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