[GEDI] [PATCH 0/3] Update documentation and help related to the preallocation parameter

Stefano Garzarella sgarzare at redhat.com
Thu May 23 15:22:47 UTC 2019

Following Markus' advice, I updated the documentation of preallocation
parameter in qapi/block-core.json adding default and allowed values (patch 1).
I also updated the help related to BLOCK_OPT_PREALLOC in the QemuOptsList of
file-posix (patch 2) and gluster (patch 3).

Stefano Garzarella (3):
  qapi/block-core: update documentation of preallocation parameter
  block/file-posix: update .help of BLOCK_OPT_PREALLOC option
  block/gluster: update .help of BLOCK_OPT_PREALLOC option

 qapi/block-core.json | 20 ++++++++++++++------
 block/file-posix.c   |  6 +++++-
 block/gluster.c      |  9 ++++++++-
 3 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)


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