[heketi-devel] Heketi v10.0.0 available for download

John Mulligan phlogistonjohn at asynchrono.us
Tue Jul 21 18:23:28 UTC 2020

At long, long last, Heketi v10.0.0 is now available [0].

This is the new stable version of Heketi.

# Major additions in this release

* Heketi now tracks additional metadata for devices, based on LVM PV UUID. 
This allows Heketi to manage devices even if the device path (for example /
dev/sda) changes if the node is rebooted.
* Authentication is now always enabled. [1]
* Heketi now provides a tool to patch endpoints. This can be used when nodes 
have changed to update endpoints to match.
* Heketi now sets up a strict set of volume options for the 'heketidbstorage' 
volume by default
* Heketi now provides tooling to update the volume options for existing 
'heketidbstorage' volumes
* Heketi can now be run with specific ssh known hosts
* A system for matching devices with volumes has been added. This tag matching 
[2] system allows admisistrators to create devices tiers or similar scenarios.
* LVM commands can now be executed via a wrapper script. For container use 
cases, this wrapper script can be used to execute LVM commands on the host. 
However, the script can be used for other purposes as needed.
* Added a new "brick evict" feature: brick eviction removes a single specified 
brick from a volume, and then automatically replaces it.
* Device remove is now based on brick eviction. By basing device remove on 
brick eviction device removal should now be more reliable and debuggable.
* Heketi can now expand existing block volumes via the `heketi-cli blockvolume 
expand` subcommand.

# Changelog

Among numerous other stability and bug fixes:
* Improved the behavior and logging for executed commands
* Only apply volume limit to block volumes that create a block hosting volume
* Perform device resync updates in a single db transaction
* Do not perform device resync for devices with a pending operation
* Fix issue where old BHVs could not be cleaned up
* Add a '--cluster' boolean flag to the device resync command.
* Add metrics for operations
* For commands that work on multiple clusters, errors that occur on one or 
more clusters can be reported by cluster id
* Fixed a panic within the operations cleanup subsystem
* Topology prints "removed" rather than "failed" state
* The kubernetes executor can now time out "stuck" commands like the SSH 
executor could 
* Improve error reporting when device setup fails
* Support specifying a node selector for the heketi-storage-copy-job command
* Fixed an issue with internal db inconsistencies after expanding a volume
* Extended device metrics
* Fix a panic within the diagnostic code used to help debug unmount failures
* Allow specifying mount options for bricks in heketi.json or an environment 
* The selection of valid block hosting volumes is now randomized
* Prevent characters in a "db dump" from being treated like go format strings

[0] - https://github.com/heketi/heketi/releases/tag/v10.0.0

[1] - Authentication can no longer be turned off via the configuration JSON 
file. Authentication can be disabled for testing and development purposes with 
a command line option to the server only.

[2] - https://github.com/heketi/heketi/blob/release/10/docs/design/tag-matching.md

-- John M. on behalf of the Heketi team

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