[heketi-devel] Start Heketi setup afresh

Gaurav Chhabra varuag.chhabra at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 17:57:16 UTC 2017


I tried setting up Gluster cluster on Google cloud. It went fine. I always
stop the test instances when not in use. One day, when i started my Gluster
instances, few bricks went offline and i tried bringing them up but i
couldn't. I then tried removing the volumes but it gave me error related to
"device in use" and i think i also saw "bricks in use" messages. I tried
removing bricks but i couldn't. I finally thought of removing the extra raw
disks from all nodes that i initially added. But i guess Heketi was unable
to forget its past. I finally had to discard all the machines and created a
fresh three node cluster. :( All i wanted was to have a clean slate to
start with. In next two-three days, i will be starting with the actual
setup on live environment and using it for managing Kubernetes. Though in
that case, i will not be shutting down the cluster when not in use :) but i
am wondering if there is a way of resetting all things (bricks, volumes,
devices, nodes) in Gluster and Heketi, if such case arises, so i could
start afresh with the Heketi setup. Data backup is not a concern here as i
am considering this scenario only during the initial setup phase.

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