[heketi-devel] heketi packaging

Luis Pabon lpabon at chrysalix.org
Thu May 25 21:02:50 UTC 2017

What do you guys feel about just not having an RPM anymore, instead always
use the container to run it? You can even document how to start the
container on startup. Here would be an example using docker:

- Luis

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 11:08 AM, Jose A. Rivera <jarrpa at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I'm gonna try to spend today working on the long-overdue heketi
> packaging for Fedora and CentOS. Part of that will involve writing
> down the entire process, so that I can better remember how to do it
> and so others can join in as well. :)
> Once I have that documentation down, should we publish it on the wiki?
> I ask because I haven't seen other projects publicly publish their
> distro-specific packaging guides, so it seems like it'd be weird to do
> it ourselves. Would it make sense to maintain some project-internal
> documentation, and if so where? It seems unfair to just keep it
> internal to Red Hat.
> Cheers,
> --Jose
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