[Gluster-users] Premium Gluster packages

Aravinda aravinda at kadalu.tech
Wed Jan 31 09:13:26 UTC 2024

Hi all,

TLDR; Tested GlusterFS packages for the upstream releases and long term support for the packages.

Upstream Gluster release is once in every 6 months, and only the last two releases gets the updates and security fixes. After every year, the release will be EOL and no updates are available. Upgrading the Gluster frequently in production is not practical. One can easily clone the Gluster repository, checkout the respective branch and build the packages by applying the required patches. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task. Patches may not apply smoothly, may have to be modified. Picking the required patches from the list of patches merged in the main branch is very time consuming and not productive for everybody.

Build may take several minutes and there may be build issues after merging a few patches. Once the built packages are available, testing is required in staging servers to qualify the build for production use.

Kadalu Technologies is one of the main contributors to Gluster project. Kadalu Technologies is planning to take-up some of the burden described above and provide the stable and tested Gluster packages. Please help us to prioritise the distributions and the use cases if you are interested in the premium GlusterFS packages. 


The survey will not take more than 5 minutes, please participate and provide your inputs.

Please note: This will not change anything in upstream Gluster release cycle or the release process.

Thanks & Regards

Aravinda VK

Kadalu Technologies
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