[Gluster-users] Kernels different than default - problems ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 17 13:39:57 UTC 2023

Hi guys.

I sometimes - too often - see my gluster "fails" to start.
Systemd thinks, says 'glusterd' started but in reality...

● glusterd.service - GlusterFS, a clustered file-system server
      Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/glusterd.service; 
enabled; preset: enabled)
     Drop-In: /etc/systemd/system/glusterd.service.d
      Active: active (running) since Mon 2023-04-17 15:22:38 
CEST; 10min ago
        Docs: man:glusterd(8)
    Main PID: 5183 (glusterd)
       Tasks: 48 (limit: 203022)
      Memory: 48.7M
         CPU: 507ms
      CGroup: /system.slice/glusterd.service
              ├─5183 /usr/sbin/glusterd -p 
/var/run/glusterd.pid --log-level INFO
              └─8398 /usr/sbin/glusterfs -s localhost 
--volfile-id shd/VMs -p /var/run/gluster/shd/VMs/VMs-shd.pid 
-l /var/log/glusterfs/glustershd.log -S 
/var/run/gluster/b7e3384caa104f7a.socket --xlator-option 
--process-name glustershd --client-pid=-6

llistxattr 1
setfsid 1
epoll.h 1
xattr.h 1
st_atim.tv_nsec 1
package-string: glusterfs 11.0

and the volume(glusterfsd), the single one I run, is not 
really up&running on that node.

It's a feeling - I have not tested thoroughly - that this 
happens with non-default kernels, eg. kernel-ml from 'elrepo'
Anybody care to comment I appreciate.

many thanks, L.
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