[Gluster-users] simple fstab - ?

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Sun Jan 23 12:45:12 UTC 2022

I thinkd it would be better to mount it via systemd. Here is an example
for a mount-file:
Description = Data dir
After=network.target glusterfs-server.service




in "What" you put your server and volume-name. Where is the path to
mount to. Put the file to /etc/systemd/system The name of the file must be:
glusterfs.mount if the mountpoint is /glusters. If you have a mountpoint
/mnt/glusterfs then the filename is mnt.glusterfs.mount.

The example is the systemd-script running on the gluester-server it
self. If you want to use it on a client replace
"glusterfs-server.service" with "glusterfs-client.service"

Am 28.12.21 um 18:48 schrieb lejeczek:
> Hi guys
> I have simple fstab
> dzien.direct:/VMs3   /mnt glusterfs
> defaults,_netdev,x-systemd.requires=glusterd.service,x-systemd.automount
> 0 0
> and have tried variations of that, but ver. 10.x fails with:
> -> $ mount -vv /mnt/
> /sbin/mount.glusterfs: illegal option -- v
> Usage: /sbin/mount.glusterfs <server>:<volume/subdir> <mountpoint>
> -o<options>
> Options:
> man 8 mount.glusterfs
> To display the version number of the mount helper: /sbin/mount.glusterfs -V
> is that v. 10.x's problem?
> thanks, L>
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