[Gluster-users] Move a volume to a new server

Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 17:24:27 UTC 2022

Verify that you can install the same version of gluster.If not, plan to update to a version that is available to both old and new servers' OS.
Once you migrate (check all release notes in advance) to a common version, you can do something like this:- Install the gluster software on the new host- Setup the firewall to match the old server- Stop the gluster volumes and any geo-rep sessions- Shutdown glusterd service- Umount the bricks- Disable LVM LVs/VGs that host your bricks (if you share the same VG with other software, you will have to use vgsplit)- Remove the multipath devices (multipath -f)- Remove the block devices that are part of those multipath devices- Backup /etc/glusterfs- Backup /var/lib/glusterd

- Unmap the LUNs- Present the LUNs on the new host- Verify that the multipath devices are there- Rescan the LVM stack (pvscan --cache, vgscan lvscan)- Activate the VGs/LVs- Mount the bricks and ensure mounting on boot (autofs, systemd's '.mount/.automount' units, fstab)- restore /etc/glusterfs & /var/lib/glusterd- Start the glusterd service- Start the volumes- Mount via FUSE to verify the situation- Start the geo-replications (if any)
Note, if you use VDO - disable the volume on the old system and backup the config (/etc/vdoconf.yml) -> restore on the new host.
Check your tuned profile and if needed transfer the configuration file on the new system and activate it.
I might have missed something (like custom entries in /etc/hosts) , so do a short test on test system in advance.
Edit: You didn't mention your FS type, so I assume XFS .
Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov
  On Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 13:15, Diego Zuccato<diego.zuccato at unibo.it> wrote:   Hello all.

I have a Gluster volume that I'd need to move to a different server.
The volume is 4x10TB bricks accessed via FC (different LUNs) on an old 
I have no extra space to create a copy of all the data, so I'd need to 
hide the LUNs from the old server and make 'em visible to the new ("move 
the disks"), w/o copying data.

Can I just do something like this?
- stop volume
- umount bricks
- copy volume state files to new server (which ones?)
- map LUNs to new server
- mount bricks on new server (maintaining the same path they had on old 
- start glusterd on new server
- start volume


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