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Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 04:29:19 UTC 2021

Hi David,
You can obtain the values via 'gluster volume get' command. See 'gluster volume get help'.The defaults are also defined and can be seen via 'gluster volume set help'. I think that the quorum ratio in replica 3 is '51'.
With cluster.server-quorum-type set to 'server', the TSP nodes are creating a 'quorum'  and when node3 is disconnected from the majority (quorum), the brick of node3 will shutdown till quorum is restored.
For point 3 , you need to check cluster.quorum-type. If it's set in auto mode , only the  first brick will allow writes (I think we are talking about replica 2 here) . Yet, if you configered the volume that it allows both bricks to be operational (cluster.quorum-type = fixed, cluster.quorum-count =1, volume is replica 2), then:A) yesB) no, it should just healC) no, it should just heal
The conflict protection from arbiter is the same (we both use extended file attributes on arbiter and full data brick). If a file was not properly updated on node2, both bricks (node1+ node3 ) will 'blame' node2 and thus the heal daemon (if enabled) will try to heal that file.

 Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov
  On Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 3:52, David Cunningham<dcunningham at voisonics.com> wrote:   Hello,
I've a few questions about conflict resolution in a net-split scenario:
1. What are the default values for cluster.server-quorum-type and cluster.server-quorum-ratio? (at the moment "gluster volume info gvol0" does not report either)
2. If there are 3 mirrored nodes and cluster.server-quorum-ratio is 50, and node1 and node2 are net-split from node3, then am I right in thinking that the volume on node3 will automatically shut down and prevent access thus preventing a conflict?
3. If there are 2 mirrored nodes and a net-split happens and cluster.server-quorum-ratio is 50 then:a) If existing file A is changed on node1 and node2 then the file will enter net-split state, right?b) If existing file B is changed on node1 but not node2 then will the file enter a net-split state?c) If new file C is written on node1 but not node2 then will the file enter a net-split state?

4. Is the outcome of conflict resolution at a file level the same whether node3 is a full replica or just an arbiter?

Thank you very much for any advice,

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