[Gluster-users] any one uses all flash GlusterFS setup?

Mahdi Adnan mahdi at sysmin.io
Fri Mar 26 21:07:46 UTC 2021

Hello Arman,

 We have several volumes running all flash bricks hosting VMs for
RHV/oVirt. as far as I know, there's no profile specifically for SSD, we
just use the usual virt group for the volume which has the essential
options for the volume to be used for VMs.
I have no experience with Gluster + ZFS so I can not comment on this.
my volumes are running in replica 3, we had huge performance impact with
2+1 because our arbiter was running in HDD.
One of the volumes we have is generating around 16k of WR IOps and even
during upgrade process which involves healing of 100k files when nodes
reboot, we see no performance issues at all.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 6:22 PM Arman Khalatyan <arm2arm at gmail.com> wrote:

> hello everyone,
> can someone please share his experience with all flash GlusterFS setups?
> I am planning to use it in 2+1 with ovirt for the critical VMs.
> plan is to have zfs with ssds in raid6 + pcie NVMe for the special dev.
> what kind of tuning should we put in GlusterFS side? any ssd profiles
> exists?
> thanks
> Arman.
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