[Gluster-users] No healing, errno 22

Zenon Panoussis oracle at provocation.net
Mon Mar 15 14:09:48 UTC 2021

> Hmm, then the client4_0_mkdir_cbk  failures in the glustershd.log 
> must be for a parallel heal of a directory which contains subdirs.

Running volume heal info gives the following results:

3 gfids and one named directory, namely Maildir/.Sent/cur.
Running gfid2dirname.sh on the 3 gfids returns one error and
two unrelated directories.

2 gfids, one named directory, namely Maildir/.Sent/cur, and
a whole lot of files in Maildir/.Sent/cur. Running gfid2dirname.sh
on the 2 gfids returns the same two unrelated directories as on

A whole list of gfids, no named files or directories. Running
gfid2dirname.sh on the gfids returns a long list of errors,
plus Maildir/.Sent/cur and the same two unrelated directories.

I don't know how to interpret this, but it surely looks as if
Maildir/.Sent/cur needs to be healed on all three bricks. That
can't be possible, logically it doesn't make sense, because if
not even one brick has the data of an object, that object should
not exist at all.

> Are there any file names inside 
> /gfs/gv0/.glusterfs/indices/entry-changes/011fcc1b-4d90-4c36-86ec-488aaa4db3b8 
> in any of the bricks?

node01: empty.
node02: 388 filenames, no directories.
node03: 394 filenames, no directories.

Would simply re-copying the entire Maildir/.Sent/cur and its contents
to the volume solve the problem or make it worse?

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