[Gluster-users] qemu raw image file - qemu and grub2 can't find boot content from VM

Mahdi Adnan mahdi at sysmin.io
Wed Jan 27 18:52:58 UTC 2021

I think the following messages are not harmful;

[2021-01-26 19:28:40.652898] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/48bb5288-e27e-46c9-9f7c-944a804df361.1: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.652975] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/931508ed-9368-4982-a53e-7187a9f0c1f9.3: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.653047] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/e808ecab-2e70-4ef3-954e-ce1b78ed8b52.4: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.653102] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/2c62c383-d869-4655-9c03-f08a86a874ba.6: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.653169] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/556ffbc9-bcbe-445a-93f5-13784c5a6df1.2: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.653218] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/5d414e7c-335d-40da-bb96-6c427181338b.5: dentry not found in
[2021-01-26 19:28:40.653314] W [MSGID: 101159]
[inode.c:1212:__inode_unlink] 0-inode: be318638-e8a0-4c6d-977d-7a937a
a84806/43364dc9-2d8e-4fca-89d2-e11dee6fcfd4.8: dentry not found in

Also, I would like to point that I have VMs with large disks 1TB and 2TB,
and have no issues. definitely would upgrade Gluster version like let's say
at least 7.9.
Amar also asked a question regarding enabling Sharding in the volume after
creating the VMs disks, which would certainly mess up the volume if that
what happened.

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 5:28 PM Erik Jacobson <erik.jacobson at hpe.com> wrote:

> > > Shortly after the sharded volume is made, there are some fuse mount
> > > messages. I'm not 100% sure if this was just before or during the
> > > big qemu-img command to make the 5T image
> > > (qemu-img create -f raw -o preallocation=falloc
> > > /adminvm/images/adminvm.img 5T)
> > Any reason to have a single disk with this size ?
> > Usually in any
> > virtualization I have used , it is always recommended to keep it lower.
> > Have you thought about multiple disks with smaller size ?
> Yes, because the actual virtual machine is an admin node/head node cluster
> manager for a supercomputer that hosts big OS images and drives
> multi-thousand-node-clusters (boot, monitoring, image creation,
> distribution, sometimes NFS roots, etc) . So this VM is a biggie.
> We could make multiple smaller images but it would be very painful since
> it differs from the normal non-VM setup.
> So unlike many solutions where you have lots of small VMs with their
> images small images, this solution is one giant VM with one giant image.
> We're essentially using gluster in this use case (as opposed to others I
> have posted about in the past) for head node failover (combined with
> pacemaker).
> > Also worth
> > noting is that RHII is supported only when the shard size is  512MB, so
> > it's worth trying bigger shard size .
> I have put larger shard size and newer gluster version on the list to
> try. Thank you! Hoping to get it failing again to try these things!

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