[Gluster-users] Using other then Trusted namespace for Gluster Extended Attributes

benhoventrosky at email.cz benhoventrosky at email.cz
Mon Jan 25 10:58:19 UTC 2021

Hi Everybody,

Could you please tell me is it possible to configure Gluster to use other
namespace then Trusted for Extended Attributes (xattr)?

Or is this something that you plan to develop in future?
It’s OK to say no ;-).

The reason I’m asking is that in unprivileged container
(Docker, rootless Podman) it is possible to use "User" namespace
(setfattr -n user.abc -v "xyz" file will work) but "Trusted" namespace
is just for root (setfattr -n trusted.abc -v "xyz" file will not work).

Unfortunately Trusted namespace makes impossible to use Gluster
in rootless containers...

Thank you.

Ben H

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