[Gluster-users] about performance of different type volume .

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But, the docs list these types:


There are number of volume types you can use:

*	Distributed: Distributes files randomly across the bricks in the volume. You can use distributed volumes where the requirement is to scale storage and the redundancy is not required, or is provided by other hardware/software layers. Disk/server failure can result in a serious loss of data as it is spread randomly across the bricks in the volume.
*	Replicated: Replicates files across bricks in the volume. You can use replicated volumes when high-availability is required.
*	Distributed Replicated: Distributes files across replicated bricks in the volume. You can use distributed replicated volumes to scale storage and for high-availability and high-reliability. Distributed replicated volumes offer improved read performance.
*	Dispersed: Provides space efficient protection against disk or server failures (based on erasure codes). This volume type stripes the encoded data of files, with some redundancy added, across multiple bricks in the volume. Dispersed volumes provide a configurable level of reliability with minimum space waste.
*	Distributed Dispersed: Distributes files across dispersed bricks in the volume. This has the same advantages of distributed replicated volumes, using dispersed instead of replicated to store the data to bricks.




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Officially only replica type is "supported".

You can pick 'replica 3' or if your network is limited 'replica 3 arbiter 1'.

The second type has only 2 copies of your data, which saves network bandwidth (only syncing to the other data brick), but also limits the reading speed (as you can only read locally or from the other data brick).


For performance, replica volumes are fastest, but you waste more space.



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Hi, every one:


I want to know what type volume’s performance is best and what’s type is worst ?


Is there some construction about it ?






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