[Gluster-users] Rebalance failing to start

Pat Haley phaley at mit.edu
Tue Jan 5 01:31:36 UTC 2021


We have a cluster whose common storage is a gluster volume consisting of 
4 bricks residing on 2 servers (more details at bottom).  I have been 
cleaning out some unneeded files and noticed that most of them came off 
one brick.  When I tried to issue a rebalance I received the following error

[root at mseas-data2 glusterfs]# gluster volume rebalance data-volume start
volume rebalance: data-volume: failed: Rebalance on data-volume is 
already started

However, when I checked the volume status I didn't see any rebalance

[root at mseas-data2 glusterfs]# gluster volume status
Status of volume: data-volume
Gluster process                             TCP Port RDMA Port  Online  Pid
Brick mseas-data2:/mnt/brick1               49154 0          Y       21269
Brick mseas-data2:/mnt/brick2               49155 0          Y       21288
Brick mseas-data3:/export/sda/brick3        49153 0          Y       19514
Brick mseas-data3:/export/sdc/brick4        49154 0          Y       19533

Task Status of Volume data-volume
There are no active volume tasks

But if  I use ps, I think I see a possible rebalance process

root     15984  0.3  0.1 3766880 99756 ?       Ssl   2020 734:53 
/usr/sbin/glusterfs -s localhost --volfile-id rebalance/data-volume 
--xlator-option *dht.use-readdirp=yes --xlator-option 
*dht.lookup-unhashed=yes --xlator-option *dht.assert-no-child-down=yes 
--xlator-option *replicate*.data-self-heal=off --xlator-option 
*replicate*.metadata-self-heal=off --xlator-option 
*replicate*.entry-self-heal=off --xlator-option *dht.readdir-optimize=on 
--xlator-option *dht.rebalance-cmd=5 --xlator-option 
*dht.node-uuid=c1110fd9-cb99-4ca1-b18a-536a122d67ef --xlator-option 
*dht.commit-hash=4197750498 --socket-file 
-l /var/log/glusterfs/data-volume-rebalance.log

I have 2 questions

 1. Is the process I found a gluster rebalance process?
 2. Is it safe to simply kill the process?  Will I need to clean-up some
    additional files (e.g. socket files associated with this process)?



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