[Gluster-users] RDMA support in gluster 9

Schlick Rupert Rupert.Schlick at ait.ac.at
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What surprised me is more that, if not looking into the developer channels, there is no indication that the feature is gone till it crashes when you try to use it. I did not think of Gluster as a developer-only tool, even in the “community version”.

Native RDMA support was the main reason for me to choose GlusterFS over MooseFS – although it’s just a feature on “paper” and I do not really know yet the real needs and bottlenecks of our new cluster. With both RDMA and tiering gone, I based my decision on completely outdated information about gluster features.

@strahil: I hope to find some time to try your suggestion next week, thanks. But even if it works, I will most probably not risk using something the developers consider not fit for use anymore. There seem also to be issues with mixed mode and multiple IP addresses anyway – our computation and storage nodes are on a infiniband (RDMA and IP over Infiniband) island network, but all are also connected to the outside via IP over Ethernet. The login nodes, which would also need access to the cluster file system are in a VM and only accessible via IP over Ethernet


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As everything deprecated, it never get's completely removed from source.

Can you try to 'make' from source and check if v9 by default has 'Infiniband verbs'  disabled ?
If yes, then you can compile with enabled supportand try that.

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