[Gluster-users] simple fstab - ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 28 17:48:10 UTC 2021

Hi guys

I have simple fstab

dzien.direct:/VMs3   /mnt glusterfs 
0 0

and have tried variations of that, but ver. 10.x fails with:

-> $ mount -vv /mnt/
/sbin/mount.glusterfs: illegal option -- v
Usage: /sbin/mount.glusterfs <server>:<volume/subdir> 
<mountpoint> -o<options>
man 8 mount.glusterfs
To display the version number of the mount helper: 
/sbin/mount.glusterfs -V

is that v. 10.x's problem?

thanks, L>

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