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Strahil Nikolov hunter86_bg at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 22:04:43 UTC 2021

 Are you using Gluster as VM Disk storage or you use Gluster as App storage via the FUSE client ?

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov
     В сряда, 15 декември 2021 г., 17:23:10 Гринуич+2, Erik Frangež <erik at frangez.net> написа:  
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Hello guys,


I have set up 3 vm and combine them with GlusterFS which will be used as a MoodleData location. 


On all web servers there is mounted glusterFS volume. Configuration of GlusterFS is not very twicked, its here:


Volume Name: gv0

Type: Replicate

Volume ID: e301ec6b-a051-47a1-ab55-4b201325629b

Status: Started

Snapshot Count: 0

Number of Bricks: 1 x 3 = 3

Transport-type: tcp


Brick1: vm1:/data/gluster/gv0

Brick2: vm2:/data/gluster/gv0

Brick3: vm3:/data/gluster/gv0

Options Reconfigured:

server.event-threads: 8

client.event-threads: 8

performance.readdir-ahead: on

performance.write-behind-window-size: 8MB

performance.io-thread-count: 8

performance.cache-size: 2GB

performance.client-io-threads: off

nfs.disable: on

transport.address-family: inet

storage.fips-mode-rchecksum: on

cluster.granular-entry-heal: on


Whan we accessing our Moodle is (in time of loading course) very slow – the time when GlusterFS searching and publishing data.


Please help me to speed up Gluster.


Thank you!


Best, Erik

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