[Gluster-users] high load when copy directory with many files

Marco Lerda - FOREACH S.R.L. marco.lerda at foreach.it
Sat Apr 10 16:59:02 UTC 2021

we have isolated the problem (meanwhile some hardware upgrade and code 
optimization helped to limit the problem).
it happens when many request (HTTP over apache) comes to a non existent 
With 30 concurrent request to the same non existing file cause the load 
go high without limit.
Same requests on existing files works fine.
I have tried to simulate che apache access to file excluding apache with 
repeated command on files with the same parallelism (30):
- with ls works fine, file exists or not
- with stat works fine, file exists or not
- with xattr load go up, file exists or not

thank you

Il 05/10/2020 19.45, Marco Lerda - FOREACH S.R.L. ha scritto:
> hi,
> we use glusterfs on a php application that have many small php files 
> images etc...
> We use glusterfs in replication mode.
> We have 2 nodes connected in fiber with 100MBps and less than 1 ms 
> latency.
> We have also an arbiter on slower network (but the issue is there also 
> without the arbiter).
> When we copy a directory (cp command) with many files, cpu usage and 
> load explode raplidly,
> our application become inaccessible until the copy ends.
> I wonder if is that normal or we have done something wrong.
> I know that glusterfs is not indicated with many small files, and I 
> know that it slow down,
> but I want to avoid that a simple copy of a directory will put down 
> out application.
> Any suggestion?
> Thanks a lot
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