[Gluster-users] Replica 3 scale out and ZFS bricks

Stephan von Krawczynski skraw.ml at ithnet.com
Thu Sep 17 13:44:00 UTC 2020

And Joe is the only man on the planet that thinks that nfs is fast because it
fell from heaven and did not get better when it was moved from userspace to
kernel. Of course this was done because someone had lots of spare time to
waste ...
How long will it take until it is accepted that none of the people programming
glusterfs has the skills to do it right, and this is the simple truth why it
this project is lost? Ask yourself why redhat dumped it.

On Thu, 17 Sep 2020 04:18:20 -0700
Joe Julian <joe at julianfamily.org> wrote:

> He's a troll that has wasted 10 years trying to push his unfounded belief
> that moving to an in-kernel driver would give significantly more performance.
> On September 17, 2020 3:21:01 AM PDT, Alexander Iliev
> <ailiev+gluster at mamul.org> wrote:
> >On 9/17/20 3:37 AM, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:  
> >> Nevertheless you will break performance anyway by deploying  
> >user-space  
> >> crawling-slow glusterfs... outcome of 10 wasted years of development  
> >in the  
> >> wrong direction.  
> >
> >Genuinely asking - what would you recommend instead of GlusterFS for a 
> >highly available, horizontally scalable storage system?
> >
> >Best regards,
> >--
> >alexander iliev

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