[Gluster-users] quota listing mismatch

Martín Lorenzo mlorenzo at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 12:31:12 UTC 2020

We have a distributed-replicated volume running gluster 7.3. we are using
directory quotas.
If we issue a quota <vol> list command, the output seems correct:
/GR/graficos                               1.5TB     80%(1.2TB)  178.0GB
1.3TB              No                   No
/P6/gottalent2                            31.2TB     80%(25.0TB)   23.2TB
8.1TB              No                   No
/P6/satelitegot                          1001.0GB     80%(800.8GB)    1.0TB
 0Bytes             Yes                  Yes
/PN/arribagente                          1000.0GB     80%(800.0GB)  711.0GB
289.0GB              No                   No

However if we issue a quota list command for a particular directory,
the output is wrong:
gluster volume quota tapeless list /P6/gottalent2
                  Path                   Hard-limit  Soft-limit      Used
 Available  Soft-limit exceeded? Hard-limit exceeded?
/P6/gottalent2                            31.2TB     80%(25.0TB)   40.2TB
 0Bytes             Yes                  Yes

Any ideas?
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