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Jorick Astrego jorick at netbulae.eu
Mon Mar 23 10:01:56 UTC 2020


It has been a while since I ran NFS.

You may be able to reduce the ganesha cache with "Entries_HWMark",
default it is set to 100000


    *Entries_HWMark(uint32, range 1 to UINT32_MAX, default 100000)*

        The point at which object cache entries will start being reused.


    I have explored to apply with cachinode configuration as below:

    Attr_Expiration_Time = 600;
    Entries_HWMark = 50000;
    LRU_Run_Interval = 90;
    FD_HWMark_Percent = 60;
    FD_LWMark_Percent = 20;
    FD_Limit_Percent = 90;

    the above is what I come up after reading the man page. and the
    result in our test environment, memory usage maintain at ~80%.
    The work load on the client of this environment is running 4 scripts
    with the following jobs:

      * infinitely create 10k&500k files in a loop
      * infinitely list all created files in a loop
      * infinitely copy then read a 150k text file
      * delete all created/copied files every 60sec,

    The GlusterFS/Ganesha setup and VM specs for the test environment is

    3 vmware VMs
    2 vCPU
    4 G memory

    only 1 volume was shared

    Before we applied the above settings ganesha.nfsd was killed by
    oom_killer if the settings when the cacheinode settings above was
    not loaded after a couple of day that the 4 scripts continuously

Hope this helps.


Jorick Astrego

On 3/21/20 7:29 AM, Strahil Nikolov wrote:
> On March 21, 2020 6:34:45 AM GMT+02:00, Olivier <Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am running a small Gluster environment with only 4 nodes. And am
>> wondering how my gluster machines should be sized: they are 2CPU and
>> 4GB
>> RAM, but as soon as I connect a client to NFS Ganesha it will start
>> swapping like crazy and soon Ganesha will die.
>> I have been running an NFS server with less than 4GB RAM and 5 or 6
>> clients for years without issue.
>> Is there a way I can configure both gluster and ganesha to be less
>> voracious with RAM?
>> TIA,
>> Olivier
> Hi Oliver,
> Have you checked if your distribution is building the gluster packages  with the old NFS support?
> If it does, then you can use the built-in NFS server which requires less ram.
> About your question, I'm not sure you can control  that. Have you tried  using FUSE client on your  end systems ?
> Best Regards,
> Strahil Nikolov
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