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Stijn Vanhandsaeme stijn at nestor.coop
Tue Jan 21 08:56:12 UTC 2020


I have no real life experience with glusterfs but have been following
the list for a while now because we might start using glusterfs for a
project, that might grow (or not). We estimate starting with an
available storage of around 32TB so not huge at all, but we would like
to have an initial setup that can grow, instead of needing architectural
changes after two months if successful.

We want a setup with a minimum investment at the start but easily
expandable when the project is successful.

Two of the things we consider is:

  * Is it a good idea to start with 3 servers which we use for glusterfs
    AND the services we want to run (web, mail). Most setups I see have
    dedicated machines for storage and other for the services, but not
    sure whether that is considered as a must or not.
  * What do you think about virtualised glusterfs setups? Say two
    fysical machines with per machine two storage nodes to start off
    with the software architecture ready for extension. 

Extra question: what about the need for arbiters? Glusterfs shows mainly
setups with two servers...

Thank you very much for you input!



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