[Gluster-users] Events API Quotas

João Baúto joao.bauto at neuro.fchampalimaud.org
Mon Jan 20 16:23:39 UTC 2020

Hi all,

We rely on quotas to manage the space used by different groups and
currently are setting up a monitoring system that would receive alerts via
webhooks. I have a webhook configured in my distributed cluster and the
events are received successfully.

However, despite having multiple directories exceeding the soft limit, only
one event is received and the quotad.log file has multiple entries
similar to,

[2020-01-20 16:13:34.280507] E
[quotad-aggregator.c:60:quotad_serialize_reply] (-->
/lib64/libglusterfs.so.0(_gf_log_callingfn+0x13a)[0x7f5fa48558ea] (-->
))))) 0-: Failed to encode message

I'm running a 4 node distributed cluster with CentOS 7.6 and Gluster 7.1.
The webhook code is the same as the one in

Any idea on what's happening?

*João Baúto*

*Scientific Computing and Software Platform*
Champalimaud Research
Champalimaud Center for the Unknown
Av. Brasília, Doca de Pedrouços
1400-038 Lisbon, Portugal
fchampalimaud.org <https://www.fchampalimaud.org/>
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