[Gluster-users] Minutes of Gluster Community Meeting 25th Feb 2020

Hari Gowtham hgowtham at redhat.com
Thu Feb 27 08:05:47 UTC 2020



Name (#gluster-dev alias) - company

   - Team from Kadalu.IO (Amar, Aravinda, Sankarshan)
   - Team from Red Hat (Hari, Sunil, Karthik, Yati, Ravi, Sunny, Sheetal,
   sanju, Rinku, Shwetha)
   - David Spisla - Gluster Community

User stories

   - issue with worm xlator. David will send out a patch.


   - Project metrics:

Metrics Value
Coverity <https://scan.coverity.com/projects/gluster-glusterfs> 57
Clang Scan <https://build.gluster.org/job/clang-scan/lastBuild/> 58
Test coverage
New Bugs in last 14 days
Gluster User Queries in last 14 days
Total Bugs
Total Github issues <https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs/issues> 438


   Any release updates?
   - The 7.3 release’s fedora package
      has issue. Path in server is ‘f30’, and this has ‘fedora-30’.
      - scripts to migrate are ready (permission to close is unavailable.
      someone from redhat has to do it for now)

   Blocker issues across the project?
   - [Amar] Please check bugzilla -> github migration topic.
      - More on it @ github issue

   Notable thread form mailing list
   - Alternative option for GlusterFS
         - user opinion matters, is project active, how stable is it and
         other such questions. How to make others know that there are
happy users as
         - How many downloads are done is a way to show how active it is.
         - Who is using page on Gluster and let users fill that for us.
         - We can think more on this.
      - netdata gluster plugin
         - expectation from many users. Devs can consider this as one of
         the AI and work on it.

Conferences / Meetups

   - Devconf.us
      - September 23rd to 25th 2020 in Framingham, MA.

Important dates:
CFP Closed : 27th April
Schedule Announcement : July 3, 2020
Event Open for Registration : July 3 2020
Last Date of Registration :
Event dates:

Talks related to gluster:
GlusterFS - v8.0 and beyond

   - nil

Developer focus

   - Any design specs to discuss?

Component status

   - Arbiter - Nil
   - AFR - corner case of gfid split brain fixed
   - DHT - nil
   - EC - nil
   - DOC - release notes, small changes then and there
   - Geo Replication - nil
   - Glusterd - bricks mux issue of multiple bricks being spawned is merged
   in master
   - thin-arbiter - Ashish set a patch for client connection. merged on

Flash Talk Gluster

   - nil

Recent Blog posts / Document updates

   - please do submit it as per the steps here

Gluster Friday Five


   Every friday we release this, which basically covers highlight of week
   in gluster. Also, you can find more videos in youtube link.



   - Who will host next meeting?
   - Rafi?
      - Host will need to send out the agenda 24hr - 12hrs in advance to
      mailing list, and also make sure to send the meeting minutes.
      - Host will need to reach out to one user at least who can talk about
      their usecase, their experience, and their needs.
      - Host needs to send meeting minutes as PR to
      - Host has to send the meeting minutes as a mail to the gluster-devel
      and gluster-users list.


   - Who will take notes from the next meeting?


release - 7 has a lot of issues.
Better to test and then release.
the particular one announced has to be built and made available.
Ravi - bugs are raised on various components. One user encountered a crash
on power pc architecture but I was not reproducible on x86_64. Just wanted
to point out that there are folks using gluster on non-conventional archs.
Sunny - Use the order as per agenda.

Hari Gowtham.
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