[Gluster-users] GlusterFS problems & alternatives

Stefan gluster at stefanseidel.info
Tue Feb 11 22:03:36 UTC 2020


looking through the last couple of week on this mailing list and reflecting our own experiences, I have to ask: what is the status of GlusterFS? So many people here reporting bugs and no solutions are in sight. GlusterFS clusters break left and right, reboots of a node have become a warrant for instability and broken clusters, no way to fix broken clusters. And all of that with recommended settings, and in our case, enterprise hardware underneath.
Is it time to abandon this for production systems?
What are the alternatives?
Looking through the solutions, CephFS might be one, but it doesn't seem to be very fast. MooseFS would be one, but it only support RAID-1 style replication, no arbiter and Erasure Coding only in the Pro version.
Tahoe-LAFS is geared towards a different use case.
Any other suggestions?



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