[Gluster-users] recommendation: gluster version upgrade and/or OS dist-upgrade

Michael Böhm dudleyperkins at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 08:49:48 UTC 2020

Am Di., 18. Feb. 2020 um 08:51 Uhr schrieb Hu Bert <revirii at googlemail.com>:

> Hello,
> i currently have a replicate 3 setup, gluster version 5.11 and debian
> stretch. In the next weeks i want to migrate to gluster version 6.x
> and upgrade the OS to debian buster.
> So... any recommendation of what to do first? First upgrade gluster or
> the operating system?

Hello Hubert,

i needed to do this a while ago, in my case it was a Proxmox-Cluster based
on the Debian Stretch upgrade to Buster while also upgrading gluster up to
v7. The way i did it:

1. i had the "normal" stretch gluster packages installed (3.8) not the
backports (4.1), so i first needed to upgrade gluster to 3.12 and move on
from there (see [1]). You may be able to skip the next step.
2. i activated the old-releases gluster repos for 3.12 [2] and upgrade from
3.8(debian) to 3.12(gluster)
3. after this i switched to the "latest" repo and upgraded to v7 while
still running stretch
4. then i upgraded stretch to buster, while gluster repos where commented
5. after the dist-upgrade i switched the gluster repos to the buster ones
and activated them again

I write this all from memory as i am not at work atm, but this should be
it. I also can say, that i did all the upgrades online (couldn't afford to
stop all the vm's) - and to my surprise everything went without a big

Good luck


[1] https://docs.gluster.org/en/latest/Upgrade-Guide/upgrade_to_7/ or
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