[Gluster-users] Replication logic

Zenon Panoussis oracle at provocation.net
Mon Dec 28 23:54:26 UTC 2020

> Just take the slow brick offline during the initial sync 
> and then bring it online. The heal will go in background, 
> while the volume stays operational.

Yes, but the heal will then take three weeks. I have the data
at hand, so if can preload it with the trick I described,
I would have a full volume in a matter of a few hours instead.

> Have you thought for a 'replica 3' volume with a thin arbiter 
> being in the slow location ? 

Yes, I have pondered back and fro on this subject. I finally
opted for three full replicas because my underlying problems
of unreliability (flakey connections, the dynamic public
IP address of one of the peers) outweigh my desire for speed
and bandwidth conservation. To put it simply, a 2+1 volume
would make it easier and faster to store the data, but it
would make it harder to access it when one of the peers fails.


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