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I am studying Gluster. I have successfully installed Gluster and tried
playing around with it using 2 Virtual Machines. Right now, I am in the
process of figuring out the best monitoring practice.

I would like to use Prometheus and found
https://github.com/ofesseler/gluster_exporter . I have installed and ran
this already and got the metrics accordingly.

Majority of the metrics are self-explanatory and could be used easily for
monitoring and notification. However, I am looking for more information on
the metrics gluster_brick_fop_*. All these gluster_brick_fop_* have
fop_name as CREATE, ENTRYLK, FINODELK, etc. I believe these are all file
operations, but I would like some more information on each of them. I have
been looking in https://docs.gluster.org/en/latest/ but I couldn't find
much information on them.

So first question: Could you please elaborate or point me to a document on
these fop_name?

Second question: Another issue I have is I would like to monitor "network
health" of Gluster. Behind the scene, Gluster *automagically *does its
thing on all the hosts. Right now, I am not using Gluster in tens or
hundreds of VM, but in the future, I definitely will. Is there a way to
monitor how Gluster goes around in a network? For example, suppose a very
huge file is sent into a volume, is it possible to see how this file got
distributed around, monitoring the upload/download data transfer rate in
realtime, perhaps for foreseeing possible network/infrastructure
bottlenecks and what not?

Thank you and Best Regards,
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