[Gluster-users] performance

Computerisms Corporation bob at computerisms.ca
Fri Aug 21 07:02:34 UTC 2020

Hi Strahil,

> You can use 'virt-what' binary to find if and what type of Virtualization is used.

cool, did not know about that.  trouble server:

root at moogle:/# virt-what

good server:
root at mooglian:/# virt-what

> I have a suspicion you are ontop of Openstack (which uses CEPH), so I guess you can try to get more  info.
> For example, an Openstack instance can have '0x1af4' in '/sys/block/vdX/device/vendor' (replace X with actual device letter).
> Another check could be:
> /usr/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -u -d /dev/vda

This command returns no output on the bad server.  Good server returns:

root at mooglian:/# /usr/lib/udev/scsi_id -g -u -d /dev/vda
-bash: /usr/lib/udev/scsi_id: No such file or directory

> And also, you can try to take a look with smartctl from smartmontools package:
> smartctl -a /dev/vdX

Both servers return:
/dev/vda: Unable to detect device type

When I asked them about this earlier this week I was told the two 
servers are identical, but I guess there is something different about 
the server giving me trouble.  I will go back to them and see what they 
have to say.  Thanks for pointing me at this...

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