[Gluster-users] Working with uid/guid

Petr Certik petr at certik.cz
Thu Apr 16 08:43:03 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

new user here. I can't seem to figure out how to properly manage
access control. Specifically, I have a gluster volume mounted on
several servers, all of which have a `www-data` user (with potentially
different uid on every one of them) which works with the data. Is
there a way to "translate" the uid on the files locally to the uid of
the local user, and then back again on write? Or do I have to use
POSIX ACL and `setfacl -Rm u:www-data:rwX,d:u:www-data:rwX

And a follow-up question -- that recursive setfacl command seems to
make glusterfsd run out of memory soon, when I run it on a ~1TB mount
with lots of small files. Is there a way to make it run smoothly, even
if slowly? I'd rather not write a script myself to make it run in
batches, as that could mean I could miss new files that were added in
the meantime.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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