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Fri Apr 3 01:41:51 UTC 2020

Ok,I will have a test in more detail,and send the result to the maillist.

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On Thu, 2 Apr 2020 at 08:10, sz_cuitao at 163.com <sz_cuitao at 163.com> wrote:
> Document point out:
> Gluster does not support so called “structured data”, meaning live, SQL databases. Of course, using Gluster to backup and restore the database would be fine.
> What? Not,support!
> I had a test to run Oracle database on KVM/Ovirt/Gluster,it works well,in fact.
Thank you for taking the time to select Gluster for your desired
workload and design a test to ascertain about functional completeness.
> But why docs says not support ? It measn not suggest or not to use ?
The documentation (I'm assuming this is from the Installation/Overview
section) focuses on what has been known to work because tests have
been completed. If you'd be able to provide more detail about the
tests you ran, we can consider improving the section of the
documentation using knowledge you share. If you'd prefer to send a
patch to the document section, that is welcome as well.
sankarshan at kadalu.io | TZ: UTC+0530
kadalu.io : Making it easy to provision storage in k8s!
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