[Gluster-users] Volume to store vm

Cristian Del Carlo cristian.delcarlo at targetsolutions.it
Fri Sep 6 15:11:57 UTC 2019


I have an environment consisting of 4 nodes ( with large disks).
I have to create a volume to contain image of virtual machines.

In documentation i read:

*Hosting virtual machine images requires the consistency of three-way
replication, which is provided by three-way replicated volumes, three-way
distributed replicated volumes, arbitrated replicated volumes, and
distributed arbitrated replicated volumes. *

So I'm going to confusion to configure this volume.
I have 4 nodes and I don't want to lose space by dedicating one to the
function of arbiter.

Would it be reasonable to configure the volume as in these two examples?

# gluster volume create test1 replica 3 \
server1:/bricks/brick1 server2:/bricks/brick1 server3:/bricks/brick1 \
server2:/bricks/brick2 server3:/bricks/brick2 server4:/bricks/brick2 \
server3:/bricks/brick3 server4:/bricks/brick3 server1:/bricks/brick3 \
server4:/bricks/brick4 server1:/bricks/brick4 server2:/bricks/brick4

# gluster volume create test1 replica 3 arbiter 1 \
server1:/bricks/brick1 server2:/bricks/brick1
server3:/bricks/arbiter_brick1 \
server2:/bricks/brick2 server3:/bricks/brick2
server4:/bricks/arbiter_brick2 \
server3:/bricks/brick3 server4:/bricks/brick3
server1:/bricks/arbiter_brick3 \
server4:/bricks/brick4 server1:/bricks/brick4



*Cristian Del Carlo*
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