[Gluster-users] Geo Replication Stops

deepu srinivasan sdeepugd at gmail.com
Thu May 30 12:09:53 UTC 2019

We were evaluating Gluster geo Replication between two DCs one is in US
west and one is in US east. We took multiple trials for different file
The Geo Replication tends to stop replicating but while checking the status
it appears to be in Active state. But the slave volume did not increase in
So we have restarted the geo-replication session and checked the status.
The status was in an active state and it was in History Crawl for a long
time. We have enabled the DEBUG mode in logging and checked for any error.
There was around 2000 file appeared for syncing candidate. The Rsync
process starts but the rsync did not happen in the slave volume. Every time
the rsync process appears in the "ps auxxx" list but the replication did
not happen in the slave end. What would be the cause of this problem? Is
there anyway to debug it?

We have also checked the strace of the rync program.
it displays something like this

"write(2, "rsync: link_stat \"/tmp/gsyncd-au"..., 128"

We are using the below specs

Gluster version - 4.1.7
Sync mode - rsync
Volume - 1x3 in each end (master and slave)
Intranet Bandwidth - 10 Gig
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