[Gluster-users] remove-brick failure on distributed with 5.6

brandon at thinkhuge.net brandon at thinkhuge.net
Thu May 23 17:45:40 UTC 2019

Does anyone know what should be done on a glusterfs v5.6 "gluster volume
remove-brick" operation that fails?  I'm trying to remove 1 of 8 distributed
smaller nodes for replacement with larger node. 


The "gluster volume remove-brick ... status" command reports status failed
and failures = "3" 


cat /var/log/glusterfs/volbackups-rebalance.log 


[2019-05-23 16:43:37.442283] I [MSGID: 109028]
[dht-rebalance.c:5070:gf_defrag_status_get] 0-volbackups-dht: Rebalance is
failed. Time taken is 545.00 secs 


All servers are confirmed in good communications and updated and freshly
rebooted and retried the remove-brick few times with fail each time


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